The Best ways to Spur Sales and Track Customers!

The Best ways to Spur Sales and Track Customers!

The Best ways to Spur Sales and Track Customers!

This is a new type of online shopping. If you are customer, online coupons seem a great deal to buy almost anything from restaurants to theatres, even family vacations at half a price! Or if you own a business, online coupons can result you skyrocketed sales.

Being an entrepreneur, the online coupons and discount codes seems like a simple and quick way to enhance conversions. Yet, rock-bottom sales could have a negative impact on progress of web business. Instead of using coupon codes to drive sales at checkout, below are some best ways and strategies in order to track customers:

Cart Abandonment Strategy

Offering coupon codes has become increasingly important for e-retailers and stores. Yet, business owners need to use coupons sensibly in their marketing strategies. They need to retarget with banners or adopt abandoned cart email tactics to lure shoppers back to the ecommerce site.

Deal Out Through Partners

For great results, you can partnership with the most popular daily deal sites (like to achieve great results in your business. Through this way, bargain sites will communicate your special discounts and offers to their audience.

First Come First Get!

Adopt the strategy of early bird catches the worm by offering discounts to the first buyers. This, in result, causes scarcity. And, this scarcity will be a motivation factor for people to take prompt action with their buying decisions.

Consider the Revenue of your Business

Understand the direct revenues and costs associated with your business. Deal sites are not the enemy here. Before you offer any discounts, be mindful about your customer’s lifetime value (CLV), and whether that sale will pay off your business in the long-term or not.

Collaborate with Affiliates

Another strategy you can adopt is to motivate affiliates to market for you. Provide them coupon codes so they can deliver to their audience. Good thing is you can track the affiliate’s sales when coupon codes are redeemed. The core is, your affiliates get commission, audience gets discounted deals, and your online venture gets new customers.


Today’s customers are programmed to search for the best deals, so store coupons and discount codes are a must-have for any online business. Understand these strategies and leverage discounts to build brand loyalty.  Try to build affiliate relationships and partnerships with the best bargain sites. Also, think about whether the discounted deals are actually worth it.


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